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Saturday, February 28, 2015

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E-10 Unleaded

E-10 Unleaded is a blend of 90% ordinary unleaded gasoline with 10% ethanol. E-10 Unleaded is a high-octane, clean-burning fuel made from corn and other grains.

Environmental Benefits

E-10 Unleaded with ethanol burns cleaner than ordinary gas and reduces toxic emissions from your tailpipe. E-10 Unleaded is keeping air cleaner in cities throughout the U.S. Since ethanol is made from renewable resources, we can have a constant supply, unlike fossil fuels that are in limited supply and shrinking rapidly.

E-10 Unleaded reduces emissions of carbon monoxide and other toxics that pollute the air. The use of E-10 Unleaded also helps offset greenhouse gas emissions caused by burning fossil fuels. In addition, E-10 Unleaded is biodegradable and does not contaminate ground water supplies.

E-10 unleaded and Your Automobile

Every major car company in the world approves the use of E-10 Unleaded under warranty, and many manufacturers actually recommend that you use E-10 Unleaded because of its clean-air benefits and high-performance qualities. Harley-Davidson, Briggs & Stratton, and Honda - just to name a few - recommend the use of E-10 Unleaded. Some of the major automotive benefits of E-10 Unleaded with ethanol are the following:

  • The ethanol in E-10 Unleaded adds two to three points of octane to gasoline, thus helping to improve engine performance while keeping engine parts cleaner. It does so using a natural, renewable additive that works as well in older engines as it does in newer ones.
  • The ethanol in E-10 Unleaded helps keep your engine cooler because the ethanol (alcohol) in the fuel combusts at a lower temperature.
  • The ethanol in E-10 Unleaded keeps fuel injectors cleaner-helping improve engine performance. It does not increase corrosion, nor will it harm any seals or valves.
  • The “cleansing” nature of E-10 Unleaded with ethanol can actually keep your fuel system cleaner, leading to improved performance.
  • E-10 Unleaded is perfectly acceptable in lawn mowers, snowmobiles, and other small engines, and may be used anywhere that unleaded gasoline is used.