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Saturday, February 28, 2015

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Toyota Reveals Plans to Cut Hybrid Costs

Last week, a top Toyota exec told Reuters that Toyota Motor Corp. expects to cut costs for hybrid cars enough to be able to make as much money on them as it does on conventional gasoline cars by around 2010.Toyota has been keen to see the fuel–saving powertrain enter the mainstream since launching the Prius, the world's first hybrid car, in 1997, but sales have come at the expense of profitability, given the high production   read more »

Ethanol Shares Spotlight at Cooking Contest

The National Chicken Cooking Contest, the nation's oldest competitive cooking contest, was held last Friday in Birmingham, AL, wasn't just all about the 51 participants cooking away to capture the $100,000 grand prize. The ethanol industry took center stage for a bit, as well. NCC Chairman Mark Hickman delivered the group's "State of the Industry 2007" report, citing that the that the industry is in good shape overall, but not without challenges.   read more »

LanzaTech to Produce Ethanol Using Carbon Monoxide

New Zealand–based LanzaTech has announced its development of a fermentation process in which bacteria consume carbon monoxide and produce ethanol. This innovative new technology could produce 50 billion gallons of ethanol from the world's steel mills alone, turning the liability of carbon emissions into valuable fuels worth over $50 billion per year at very low costs and adding substantial value to the steel industry. The technology will also be a key contributor to the cellulosic   read more »

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North Central Bioeconomy Consortium to Lead Bioenergy, Biofuels Research & Development

A region encompassing twelve north central states has made its way into the national spotlight as the U.S. Congress considers federal farm policy that will help shift energy reliance from the Middle East to the Midwest.   read more »

Brazilian Prez to Discuss Ethanol with Hugo Chavez

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said he hopes to discuss a recent spat over ethanol with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez during an energy summit in Venezuela which starts Monday. Last week, Chavez, portraying ethanol as a threat to food supplies of poor countries, blasted ethanol as an environmental disaster that produces food for "cars, not people," and threatened to "knock down" a recent Brazilian–U.S.   read more »

Expected Summer Ethanol Production

Ethanol production this summer is projected to average about 399,000 bbl/d, up from last summer’s average of 313,000 bbl/d per day. New ethanol plants started coming online in the second half of 2006 and domestic production rose to an average 375,000 bbl/d in January 2007. Ethanol production capacity is expected to continue increasing rapidly in both 2007 and 2008 as current construction of about 80 new plants and plant expansion projects is completed.   read more »

Hydrogen Hybrid Prius Joins "Hydrogen Highway"

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc., announced last week that it has shipped eleven hydrogen–fueled Prius hybrid vehicles to Miljobil Grenland AS, a participant and vehicle provider to the Norwegian Hydrogen Highway (HyNor). HyNor is a joint plan between the Norwegian government and industry participants in creating a "Hydrogen Highway" between Oslo, the capital, and western Norway's port of Stavanger.   read more »

Iran-UK Incident Fuels Bullish Oil Market

Iran's seizure of 15 British servicemen last Friday layered renewed geopolitical tensions on top of increasingly robust fundamental forces supporting oil prices. The confrontation in the world's volatile oil patch threatens to compound an expected march higher for crude futures, already buoyed by strong demand and tightening inventories. Front–month crude prices popped to their highest level of the year on Friday, of $62.   read more »

Five Steps to Achieving Economically Viable Cellulosic Ethanol

At the 4th Annual World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing in Orlando, a five–step strategy to achieve economically viable cellulosic ethanol was offered by Novozymes, the biotech–based world leader in enzymes and microorganisms. "Cellulosic ethanol fuel is poised to create a multidimensional positive impact on the world’s economy, resources, environment and political situation. Novozymes’ five–step strategy is designed to foster not only the scientific progress of cellulosic ethanol, but also the commercial viability of   read more »

Bush Administration Proposes New Ethanol Standard

The Bush administration has proposed scrapping the current U.S. renewable fuels standard that requires ethanol use to reach 6.8 billion gallons a year in 2010 in favor of a wider alternative fuels requirement that aims to cut America's foreign oil dependence.Under the legislative proposal sent to Congress on Monday, the new standard would require U.S. ethanol and alternative fuel consumption to reach 10 billion gallons in 2010. The alternative fuels standard would then slow   read more »

Florida Citrus Waste Yields Ethanol

Companies wanting to produce ethanol from citrus waste in Florida are scrambling to obtain patents and secure sites for pilot projects, evidence that the national craze for the fuel is branching out from the more traditional grain–based feedstock.  The material used in the process is what is left after processors have squeezed the juice from the orange, which equals nearly one–half of the fruit's original mass. New York–based Xethanol has three patents pending related to   read more »

Petrobras To Build Ethanol Pipeline in Brazil This Year

Petroleo Brasileiro SA (PBR), or Petrobras, Brazil's state–run oil firm, plans to start building an ethanol–only pipeline from central Brazil to the coast in 2007, Chief Executive Sergio Gabrielli said yesterday. "The pipeline will serve mainly to transport ethanol for export to Japan," Gabrielli said.  The pipelines would link ethanol producing areas in Brazil's central state of Goias via main producing areas in Sao Paulo state to the port of Sao Sebastiao on the Atlantic   read more »

EPIC: Identifying Ethanol at the Pump is Becoming Easier

According to the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC), Kansas, Michigan, Illinois, South Dakota, Nebraska, Arkansas, and Ohio have now officially approved labels that incorporate the 'e' brand to mark pumps that dispense E10.EPIC director of operations, Robert White, said they are pleased with the progress made in just a few short months: "The branding program is literally going state by state and the consistency is the 'e' logo, or the brand, and the variation   read more »

How Much Corn for Ethanol? USDA and Farm Bureau Economists Differ

AFBF Senior Economist Terry Francl said the USDA’s estimates (projected through 2016) seem to be a realistic indicator of what can be expected in the near future, but said AFBF expects more action in the renewable fuels arena.  A USDA report shows 86 million planted acres of corn in 2007/08 and 89 million acres in 2008/09 versus 86.5 and 91 million projected by AFBF.   read more »

Hybrid Taxis

The Cleantech Venture Network announced that it is working to convert taxis to hybrids, a move that it says could save $50 billion in fuel costs over a decade and slash smog in cities.North America has 196,000 taxis, which drive an average of 10 times more than regular passenger cars. “They are the largest contributors to smog in our cities,” said Jim Harris, Cleantech Venture Network managing partner, who alse added that 1 of every   read more »

U.S. Food Prices May Climb As Ethanol Demand Grows

In the past six months, the rush to produce more corn–based ethanol has doubled the corn's value, increasing costs for foods that include corn as an ingredient or rely on it as animal feed.  The good news, however, is that the increases may be too small for most consumers to even notice. The value of other crops –– soybeans, cotton, wheat, rice and vegetable crops –– also will likely climb as farmers switch to corn   read more »

A Look at the Nissan Altima Hybrid

Here are some features of the Nissan Altima Hybrid, which has been available since last month:– Assembled in Tennessee and available in California, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont (the eight states that have adopted California emissions regulations)– Combined fuel economy rating of 39 mpg; achieves an estimated 42 miles per gallon in the city and 36 mpg on the highway– $24,400 msrp;  qualifies for a $2,350 federal tax credit   read more »

US-Brazil Ethanol Alliance Good News for All

Analysts and insiders believe that a proposed U.S.–Brazil ethanol alliance that pushes for greater ethanol cooperation and fosters biofuel production across Latin America could help the region cut its costly petroleum bills, stimulate jobs, burnish the image of the U.   read more »

Will New Spending Plan Help U.S. Reach Ethanol Goal?

In his State of the Union address, President Bush announced his goal of cutting U.S. gasoline use 20% in the next 10 years. After unveiling his blueprint for federal spending, is the Commander in Chief putting up enough money to accomplish that goal?  GW is calling for millions of dollars in new spending to boost development of alternative fuels, chief among them is ethanol.  The administration also is proposing to spend another $1.6 billion in the next decade to boost ethanol production, as part of the farm bill to be written by Congress in coming months. Many industry officials and lawmakers found the Bush plan wanting after sifting through the details yesterday.  &quo;   read more »

Ethanol: The Big Winner at IndyCar Series Daytona Test

The IndyCar Series held its first Open Test of the season on Wednesdayat Daytona International Speedway, where for the first time all IndyCar Series cars ran on 100% fuel–grade ethanol. Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC) Executive Director Tom Slunecka was in Daytona to watch history being made:  “The test started off with just a bang, the engines cranked up.  Just amazing to know a product that comes right from the Heartland is powering these massive   read more »

NCBA Convention to Focus on Ethanol & Trade Policies

Joe Schuele, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s director of trade media, said that policies concerning ethanol and trade are likely to top the list of debate topics at this week’s NCBA annual convention in Nashville.  As the U.S.   read more »

Pres. Bush Proposes Energy Agenda

In his State of the Union Address last night, President Bush called for an energy agenda having these main points:   1) “We must continue changing the way America generates electric power – by even greater use of clean coal technology ...   read more »

Methane May Be Used To Power Ethanol Plants

Across the country, ethanol plants powered by methane instead of costly natural gas or coal are on the drawing board, a movement that could be a win–win situation for both the environment and the industry.  “We’ll produce ethanol much more efficiently and do it in an environmentally friendly way,” said Dennis Langley, CEO of E3 BioFuels.  Burning the methane will cut the amount of the greenhouse gas, which contributes to global warming, released into the   read more »

Bush Speech Expected to Promote Ethanol Industry

In his State of the Union address tomorrow, Pres. Bush is likely to promote fuel efficient vehicles, ethanol, and new technologies as a way to address global warming and reduce the country’s dependence on oil, officials said Friday.  White House aides have maintained that energy will be one of the central themes in the annual address before Congress, along with the Iraq war, health care, immigration and education issues.   read more »

Dealing with High Corn Prices

The booming ethanol industry has caused the price of corn to double since this time last year to $3.66 a bushel, despite an abundant harvest, and is inching toward the rarely breached $4–a–bushel mark.Big food companies like Tyson Foods Inc.   read more »

Ford Hydrogen Plug-in

Last week, Ford debuted a hydrogen–fueled, battery–powered plug–in in the new Airstream concept vehicle last week at the North American International Auto Show.  The HySeries Drive system already is on the road in a Ford Edge prototype, which will be shown publicly for the first time on Jan. 23 at the Washington, D.   read more »

GM Concept Electric Vehicle Ignores Gas Stations

The Chevrolet Volt concept is a battery–powered, four–passenger electric vehicle that uses a gas engine to create additional electricity to extend its range. The Volt is powered by the E–flex System, GM’s next–generation electric propulsion system. “The Chevrolet Volt is a new type of electric vehicle.   read more »

Growing Ethanol Industry Threatens Livestock, Food Supply

The exceptional rate of growth of the ethanol industry and its effect on feed supplies for the meat industry has alarmed think tanks and livestock producers.  Ron Plain, an agricultural economist at the University of Missouri, says that increases in corn costs have already added 25 percent to the cost of raising hogs to slaughter weight, from a projected $40 per hundredweight in early 2006 to an actual cost of about $50 per hundredweight. If   read more »

Ground Broken on Georgia Ethanol Plant

Ground was ceremoniously broken on Wednesday on a $170 million ethanol plant being built in Mitchell County, GA, by First United Ethanol LLC.The plant is expected to produce 100 million gallons of ethanol per year from 36 million bushels of corn.  Ethanol production is expected to begin in spring 2008, said First United Ethanol LLC, which will buy corn from Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, as not enough corn is grown in Georgia to satisfy the plant’s needs.   read more »

US-China Nuclear Deal Sets a New Standard

China and the U.S. signed a multibillion–dollar agreement for Westinghouse Electric Co. to build nuclear–power plants, a deal that could help set a new technological standard as the nuclear–power industry enjoys a global renaissance. The deal was announced Saturday in Beijing, a day after the close of talks between a group   read more »

Climbing Corn Prices Won’t Hurt Consumer

Feeling the ever–inflating corn prices are meat and milk producers, not consumers, said U.S. Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns yesterday.  Corn prices have made it more expensive to feed cows, chickens, and pigs. Demand for ethanol has pushed the price of corn above $3 a bushel, the highest level in more than a decade.  That is bound to have an imp   read more »

Prairie Grass as Alternative to Corn?

Researchers at the University of Minnesota are looking for ways to take the burden off corn as a source of fuel in ethanol, the Star Tribune reported, as the world demand for both food and fuel projected to double in the next 50 years.  “Unless we produce food and biofuel in an efficient manner, they will be directly competing with each other,” said University of Minnesota ecology professor David Tilman. “We will have high prices   read more »

US Extends Tax on Imported Ethanol

U.S. corn farmers and ethanol makers will continue to have less competition from foreign imports of the renewable fuel until 2009. Included in legislation passed overnight by the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate was an extension of the 54–cent–per–gallon tariff on imported ethanol   read more »

Iowa Farmers: There’s Plenty of Corn

Corn growers proclaimed Friday that there will be enough of the grain produced in future years to meet the state’s food production and growing ethanol demands. Kyle Phillips, chairman of the Iowa Corn Promotion Board, said new corn hybrids that increase yields by at least 2.5% each year will be a key factor in producing enough corn.   read more »

U.S. Ethanol Production Sustainability

Congress has passed legislation that, in an effort to promote ethanol production, provides subsidies to ethanol producers and mandates oil companies to blend at least 4 Ggal of ethanol with gasoline annually. Ethanol retail prices have  been closely following gasoline prices in recent months, boosting profits beyond expectations.The ethanol market might, however, be overheated.   read more »

Hybrid Catamaran

For just over $500,000, the Lagoon 440, built by Lagoon America (Annapolis, MD) offers three cabins, standard diesel engines (electric propulsion system optional), sails, and delivery (but not rigging, launching, or taxes) to East Coast USA.  Who’s in?Most notable of the Lagoon 440 is its propulsion system, a diesel–electric hybrid. Twin electric motors, one mounted in each hull, power the boat and turn the props at 900 – 1,100 rpm at cruise, an ideal speed   read more »

Sen. Harkin: Farm Bill Helps Cellulose Ethanol Transition

As cellulose becomes a viable feedstock for the country’s ethanol production, the U.S. farm sector will have to go through transformations, and Congress will help that come about when it writes a new farm bill next year, Iowa Sen.   read more »

Damiler Chrysler Plug-In

Lithium Technology Corporation (LTC) and Zytek Systems have successfully converted a Daimler Chrysler Smart ForFour into a demonstration plug–in vehicle.  The vehicle has a fuel economy of over 84 mpg and an all–electric range of 20 miles, which is considerably better than the range of HEV;s currently on the market.The Li–ion battery, developed by LTC subsidiary GAIA Akkumulatorenwerke, has an output of 288 V, a capacity of 7.   read more »

Could Iraq War Boost Ethanol Production?

Disenchantment with the US war in Iraq might lead to a political push for greater biofuel use which could conceivably quadruple US ethanol production, a grains export executive said. If the desire for energy independence continues and pushes ethanol production high, it could produce average cash corn prices of over $4.00 per bushel at times during the next decade.   read more »

US Ethanol Demand a Benefit for Brazilian Corn

Despite reducing its national corn fields this year, Brazil corn producers will benefit as U.S. demand for ethanol is expected to take some U.S. corn out of the global market in the years ahead, two consulting firms forecast on Friday.  "The corn market is becoming interesti   read more »

Cattle Profits Suffer as Ethanol Industry Booms

Market analysts told the Kansas Livestock Association yesterday that a booming ethanol industry that has driven up corn prices will have long–term repercussions for cattle feeders that compete for those same feed grains to fatten their animals.  "We are not going to fix this in one big corn–growing year," Randy Blach, executive vice president of Cattle–Fax, told nearly 1,000 cattlemen attending the group's annual convention.  Demand for corn will continue to grow as more ethanol   read more »

GM Hybrid Plug-In Saturn

GM's chairman and chief executive G. Richard Wagoner Jr. announcement at the Los Angeles Auto Show that GM plans to build a plug–in hybrid vehicle.   read more »

Making Ethanol A More Attractive option

At a meeting with government and industry leaders who are worried that ethanol produced in North Dakota would be shipped out of state unless more residents start using more of it, some ethanol proponents say their product would be more attractive if drivers are allowed to select the percentage of the corn–based fuel that's blended in with regular gasoline. "How do we continue to put more and more ethanol in every gallon of gasoline? That's   read more »

Plug-in Hybrids for Government Work

Programs are being launched by state and local governments to see if it's possible to convert their hybrid cars and trucks into plug–in cars. Plug–ins are like regular hybrids in that they have both electric and gas motors, but they come with more battery packs, so the car can run more on electricity than on gas. They can get about 100 miles to the gallon, get charged from a wall socket and generally emit fewer   read more »

Honda to Lease Fuel-Cell Cars in CA

Honda plans to make California as its first U.S. market for leasing fuel–cell cars to individuals, taking advantage of the state's plans for a hydrogen–fuel network.   read more »

Farm Changes Needed For Cellulose Ethanol

A new study released yesterday shows that farming will have to change on a massive scale when it's not just corn that's needed for ethanol, and the U.S. Congress will need to step up.   read more »

First US Cellulosic Ethanol Plant On the Way

South Dakota–based Broin Companies said Monday it plans to build the first commercial scale cellulosic ethanol plant in the U.S., meaning it will use corn stalks and leaves, not just the kernels, to produce ethanol.   read more »

Johanns & USDA Confident About Ethanol Boom

Yesterday, U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns said that U.S. farmers will most likely be able to meet expected increases in ethanol–driven corn demand, while also keeping up with food and livestock feed requirements.  Ken Cook, president of the nonprofit consumer organization Environmental Working Group, said this week that he was very concerned the protected land in the government's Conservation Reserve Program "is looking so attractive" with so much demand for corn. The USDA is now paying about $2 billion annually to keep 36.8 million acres, much of which is considered environmentally sensitive, out of farm productio   read more »

A Prius-Inspired Line of Toyota Hybrids

Toyota Motor Corp., the world's top seller of gasoline–electric autos and second–largest automaker, may turn its Prius car into a line of vehicles as the company tries to triple annual U.S.   read more »

Ethanol Production Benefits U.S. Landowners

A report issued by the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development at Iowa State University explains that landowners are expected to benefit from rising corn–based ethanol production, especially with a U.S. target for ethanol production to generate as much as 20% of total fuel use.   read more »

New Ethanol Plant in Kansas

Boot Hills Biofuels told the Ford County Commission on Monday that it wants to build an ethanol plant capable of generating at least 110 million gallons of ethanol at a site east of Wright, KS.  Commission Chairman Kim Goodnight said the ethanol plant would be good for Ford County, but the company will have to address the plant's impact on the water supply.  "There's one in Seward County, one in Finney County, and they're all   read more »

VeraSun to Produce Ethanol and Biodiesel from One Feedstock

VeraSun Energy Corporation announced plans earlier this week to produce biodiesel, a clean–burning renewable fuel, from oil extracted from distillers grains, a co–product of the ethanol production process.  VeraSun would be the first company to develop a large–scale, commercial facility for biodiesel production from a co–product of the ethanol production process, creating two biofuels from the same feedstock. VeraSun, the nation's second–largest ethanol producer,  identified an opportunity to utilize oil extracted from distillers grains as   read more »

Is Ethanol Industry Growing Too fast?

The price for corn has jumped nearly 55% since mid–September, when U.S. farmers began harvesting their third–largest corn crop ever.  Grain prices usually slump to their lowest levels of the year during the harvest season, but corn prices in recent weeks has shot through the rarely breached $3/bushel mark and could surpass that. "The consequences of ethanol are the biggest thing going on in agriculture today," says Keith Collins, chief economist of the U.S. A   read more »

Trucking Company Backs Soy-Based Biodiesel Studies

Decker Truck Line Inc. will spearhead a two–year study to gauge whether soy–based biodiesel can play an emerging role in the transportation industry, according to The Messenger (Iowa).  The Fort Dodge–based company has agreed to use the alternative fuel in 10 of its trucks so researchers can analyze how the fuel compares to traditional petroleum–based diesel.   read more »

Ethanol Mix Up to 23% for Brazil

The Brazilian government decided yesterday at a morning meeting of the Inter–ministerial Council of Sugar and Ethanol, or Cima, to raise the obligatory ethanol mix in gasoline from 20% to 23% starting Nov. 20, ending weeks of speculation that the government might raise the mix to 25%.  "This was a decision that was comfortable to the government," said Angelo Bressan, the head of the sugar and ethanol department at the country's Agricultural Ministry.   read more »

Monster Cane

They call it “Monster Cane;” it’s productive in poor soil, it holds up in droughts and typhoons (like the one that it withstood earlier this month), and it yields twice as many stems as most sugarcane.   It’s a new variety of sugarcane, named for its size (3 meters tall) as much as its vigor, and is grown on a test field on the tiny island of Ie in Okinawa, Japan. Monster Cane, formally, "high–biomass sugarcane,”   read more »

World’s First Closed-Loop Ethanol Plant to be Built in Nebraska

Dennis Langley, chairman and CEO of E3 BioFuels, announced today that the Genesis plant will begin production in December 2006 at Mead, Nebraska, as the first–ever closed–loop system for distilling commercial quantities of ethanol using methane gas recaptured from cow manure, instead of fossil fuels, thus eliminating the need for fossil fuels in ethanol production.“The Genesis plant at Mead will be the first to market ethanol produced from closed–loop, self–sustaining ethanol technology by at least   read more »

Questions Still Surround Jatropha as Biodiesel Feedstock

Energy analysts and the most ardent proponents of jatropha (a genus of plants, shrubs, and trees) agree that we are still at least fove to six years away from using jatropha in biodiesel production.  Some researchers claim jatropha is the most viable feedstock option for biodiesel.  The effectiveness of the crop as a feedstock to produce biodiesel has yet to be demonstrated as no commercial–scale operations have shown results yet due to jatropha's lengthy crop   read more »

USDA Secretary of Agriculture Endorses Ethanol Advancements

“I believe the time has come to bring renewable energy into the mainstream of American thinking and American technology," U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns said at a meeting of the St.   read more »

Turning Wheat Straw Into Ethanol

According to North Dakota State University economist Larry Leistritz, a study of turning wheat straw into ethanol looks promising, says.  NDSU researchers used an analysis that assumed ethanol would remain at its 2005 average price of $1.80 a gallon.   read more »

Legislation Protects Rocky Mountain Front

Sen. Conrad Burns, R–Mont., inserted into the Interior Appropriations Bill the legislation intended to prevent future gas, oil, and mineral exploration in Montana's Rocky Mountain Front.   read more »

Will Corn Demand for Ethanol Yield Higher Cattle Prices?

Yesterday, John Lawrence of Iowa State University and Steve Meyer of Paragon Economics explained that livestock prices will increase (because of higher feeding costs) if corn demand for ethanol production boosts corn values.  Lawrence and Meyer both predicted future corn price volatility, with ranges between $2–$5 a bushel.  The ethanol byproduct, however, can be used in animal feeds, with cattle able to make the best use of that feed, called distillers grain and solubles (DGS).   read more »

M.I.T. Study: Producing Hydrogen with Nuclear Power

A recent M.I.T. study was conducted to determine the extent to which nuclear power can contribute to a transition in the transportation sector.  Researchers B.D. Middleton and   read more »

Ethanol Production Side Effects Lead to Change

The process of making ethanol has some ironic side effects that may rain on environmentalists’ parade for the emerging industry, the Globe Gazette (Iowa) newspaper reported last week.  Some problems include the emissions of ethanol plants that run on fossil fuels and the soil erosion that large–scale corn growing can cause.  The ethanol industry has been a “fairly big emitter of contaminants,” said Wayne Gieselman, the administrator of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources' environmental   read more »

The Chen-Xu Method of Ethanol Production

A Purdue University team led by professor Li–fu Chen and research assistant Qin Xu has discovered a new, environmentally friendly method to produce ethanol from corn.  “Our process, which we are calling the Chen–Xu Method, not only makes ethanol, but products that are fit for human consumption,” Chen said.  “This process also produces corn oil, corn fiber, gluten, and zein, which is a protein that can be used in the manufacture of plastics so that   read more »

Byers: Invest in Ethanol Production

Brook Byers, a partner in the noted venture capital firm Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers, explained in a CNBC interview that ethanol production, as well as genetic and personalized health, is among the largest growth areas for investors.  “Ethanol is just beginning,” said Byers, who predicted that ethanol will be at a lower price point than oil in the future. Two companies in which Byers is investing are Blue Energy, which develops tidal–power technology, and   read more »

Honda’s Bioethanol Cars and New Cellulosic Ethanol Process

Last month, Honda Motor Co. announced that it will mass–produce flex–fuel compact cars that can run on 100 bioethanol, becoming the first Japanese automaker to do so.  The company will first start producing and selling the vehicles in Brazil, a leader in the use of bioethanol in automobiles.   read more »

Brazil To Stay at 20% by Nov 1

Brazil's Agriculture Minister Luis Guedes Pinto said Monday that the government will not likely raise the ethanol mix from 20% up to 25% by Nov. 1 (as requested by the ethanol industry) because of supply concerns.  Brazil is the world's leading sugarcane ethanol producer and exporter.   read more »

U.S. Corn Stocks Impacted by Ethanol Production

According to the head of the Nebraska Corn Board, increasing ethanol production appears to be making a dent in the USDA's corn carryover estimate for the 2006–07 marketing year. The U.S.   read more »

U.S. Ethanol Industry Keeps Growing

The U.S. ethanol industry continues to expand rapidly, despite a halving in spot ethanol futures and a 50 cent–per–bushel rise in cash corn prices during just the past 3 1/2 months.   read more »

ethanol production

Ethanol production has grown dramatically in the last few years as the demand for this clean-air fuel has escalated. Ethanol has become a legitimate industry that is rapidly changing the face of rural America —and helping the United States address serious environmental and energy challenges.